5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles

5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles

The porcelain pool tiles have been the best option for homeowners and hoteliers for the past two decades. Porcelain pool tiles are the most-used and the most popular materials suitable for covering the walls and floors of swimming pools. In fact, in some parts of the world, no one will see any other pool tiles in their swimming pools other than porcelain pool tiles.

Porcelain pool tiles can be uniquely used with glass and ceramics to create something beautiful. We are only showing you that the choices with porcelain are immeasurable. It is the most durable type of tile that is suitable for wet areas because of its high capacity to absorb water. Also, this unique tile offers tricky patterns that will enhance the overall look of your pool. Also, professional tilers and contractors like to recommend this unique tile to their clients because it is a dense material that is easy to fix. Apart from that, porcelain pool tiles are always good quality and inexpensive compared to other types of pool tiles.

5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles

Porcelain pool tiles are the best option if you need a versatile, affordable, and water resistance tile. It is also one of the best pool tiles that are regarded as the safest and harmless tiles. These unique tiles have a smooth surface. Therefore, it can harm the swimmers if they rest or sit on it.

Furthermore, porcelain pool tiles can blend well with the surroundings. It is easy to maintain, and it is the perfect choice for the interior part of the pool. We are speaking based on research, so we are not flattering you if we say that this unique tile can last for years if it is correctly installed. We mean if you hire an expert to help you out.

5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles

However, even though this tile has taken over the market because of its high demand, some homeowners still regret going for porcelain pool tiles. Then, we started doing our research to know what might be the cause of their concern. After carrying out a series of steps to understand the cause of the failure, we noticed that some did not consider the necessary factors before installing porcelain pool tiles.  Click here to read about the 6 Benefits of using natural stones tiles in your swimming pool.

Oh! You also might not know that there are some factors to consider before installing porcelain pool tiles. There’s nothing to worry about. This write-up is here to help you out. Therefore, below here are what you should put into consideration before choosing porcelain pool tiles:

  • Budget: Of course, we know you will agree with us that this should be the first and foremost determinant of what kind of tiles anyone wants to go for. In fact, we were thinking of excluding this factor because we believe it is what people should know already. But we’ve noticed that budget is part of what brings failure to some people’s porcelain pool tiles installation process. Some tile dealers can offer you a cheap quote, but it is expedient for you to remember the ultimate purpose of using this tile. You must have in mind that you will leave the tile market with a superior product. Therefore, we will advise you to set your budget wisely and pick tiles accordingly. 
5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles
  • Size: The sizing ratio is also crucial to consider before installing porcelain pool tiles. Initially, one must not select tiles more significant than 100 mm for swimming pools design. If you choose tiles that are larger than 100 mm, the swimming pool will lack visual appeal. The pool will lack visuals towards the curved end of the pool. Therefore, if you don’t know the exact sizing ratio for porcelain pool tiles, you will commit a significant error. Oversized tiles will lead to breaking and stability issues. 
  • Color: The color and the texture of the tiles depends on your personal decision. We also noticed that some people did not know that the color they selected contributes to the outcomes of the beauty of the pool. Some colors will not make the swimming pool to be attractive to swimmers. Imagine choosing a black tile to design a swimming pool. The water surface will turn black, and people might be scared of using such a pool. Therefore, you don’t choose your favorite color when it comes to selecting tiles for your pool. You choose colors that will contribute uniquely to the outcome of the water surface of your pool. The colors that we’ve seen people choosing are blue and white. We are not saying blue and white are the best and the only colors of tiles for tour pools. We are only showing you standard colors. You have the choice to choose any color that you want. But we will advise you to select colors that will blend well with the outcome of the water surface of your pool.
  • Installation: This is also one of the areas where one can fail in installing porcelain pool tiles. Although installing porcelain pool tiles is not different from the standard way of installing tiles. 
5 Things you need to consider before choosing porcelain pool tiles

But all the same, it is expedient to hire a competent and a professional tiler for the job. If tiles are installed wrongly in the pool, this can lead to breakage of tiles and every other error like instability, cracking, etc. Disintegration will happen if it has not been installed correctly.

  • Maintenance: It is expedient for you to know how porcelain pool tiles have been maintained. However, porcelain pool tiles require minimal maintenance, which makes them a valuable investment. Porcelain tiles are impervious to fading, staining, vapors, liquid, and discoloration. Therefore, we will implore you to do further research on how to maintain porcelain pool tiles. You can search for some materials online on how to keep your porcelain pool tiles. Visit http://www.madehow.com/Volume-1/Porcelain.html to read about How procelain material made?

Finally, the above-listed point will serve as a guide for those who want to use porcelain pool tiles. Also, we believe that this article will also help as corrective measures to those that have committed one error or the other in installing porcelain tiles in their swimming pool.

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